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A Fixed Interest Plan (FIP) is a combination of the Debenture, protection and the strategies used to produce the income of 8.75%p.a.

We call this the Asset Life Fixed Interest Plan or Asset Life FIP

Check out the 'How it works' page for more information.

  • 8.75% paid gross per annum

  • Interest paid biannually or end of term

  • 5 year term with option to exit after 3 years

  • Bond insurance is underwritten by A rated insurers, either Lloyds of London or company markets

  • The bond policy is non cancellable except through non payment of the premium

  • Interest paid directly to a nominated bank account

  • Simple 24/7 online access

The Team

Will deliver value through expertise built from prior industry experience and direct industry knowledge. Specialist's in due diligence, analysis and executing commercial development strategies that maximize the economic value of investments.

Floating Charge

In addition to the bond indemnity as mentioned below, the debenture holders will have a floating charge over all the investment assets and material goods held by the company.

Bond Indemnity Insurance

Asset Life has cover in place an active form of indemnity insurance to cover the Loan the policy features include;

  • Security of the Capital
  • Each Bond has its own indemnity- it is not shared or potentially eroded by other policies
  • The Bond Insurance is underwritten by A rated (AM Best) Rated insurers, either Lloyd’s of London or Company markets
  • The policy is Non-Cancellable except through Non Payment of the premium
  • This policy is an Established bespoke policy wording designed by a Lloyds Broker

There are no fees you will have to pay to Asset Life.

Your money will help small and fledgling businesses to secure the capital that they need in order to grow and develop. You help directly to create jobs and stimulate the economy, and so ensure that these businesses remain a vibrant part of a local community.

No, we invest in a number of enterprises and asset backed portfolios to diversify the investments to lower the investment risk.

The directors consider that the Company’s income will be generated from investments to startup firms and established businesses with perceived long-term growth potential. This is a very important source of funding for these types of enterprises that don’t always have access to capital markets.

It is from these sources of income that the fixed interest of 8.75% will be paid. Your loan is fully covered by an A rated indemnity insurance policy should anything unforeseen happen. 

Please refer to the Information Memorandum for further information

Our principle business model for generating income will be based on investing through two main areas; “Direct Investments” and “Asset backed Portfolios.” Any decision to proceed on a potential opportunity will be made only once a extensive process of due diligence has been undertaken from our expert team and external advisors.

Overview of the investment streams

- Direct Investments 

Helping the wider economy grow through the support of our Asset Life lenders, the company will invest in, acquire or provide capital to a portfolio of companies, partnerships, joint ventures or other assets that we believe will provide high growth opportunities and, or, steady income.

Principally the company will be looking to invest in asset-backed opportunities although the key consideration will be the quality of the investee and their growth and income potential.

It may be right if you:

  • are looking for potentially higher interest rates on your capital
  • are looking for a plan which covers your bond with an A rated indemnity Insurance policy
  • are looking for a hassle free way of earning interest with no upfront fees or management charges
  • understand and accept the risks of the loan within the Asset Life FIP
  • can commit your funds for at least three years

As with any investment, the capital you loan has exposure to risks, although we have done all we can to ensure the this is minimal. This could mean you receive lower returns than expected and being paid over a longer period of time. To make sure you are aware of all the risks, always read the Information Memorandum.

All of these factors are contingencies which may or may not occur and the Issuer (Asset Life) is not in a position to express a view on the likelihood of any such contingency occurring. Prospective Debenture Holders should reach their own views prior to making any investment decision. The Issuer is subject to the below key risks. If any of these key risks actually occur the Issuer’s business, operations, financial condition or reputation could be materially affected and if the insurance indemnity is excluded Asset Life Debenture Holders could lose all or part of their investment.

  • Significant unexpected changes or outcomes, beyond those factored into the Asset Life strategy and business model, may occur, which could have an adverse impact on the performance or financial position.
  • If for any reason the insurance underwriters become insolvent the debenture Holders will rely solely on the investment portfolios.

Risks associated with this include:

  • Poor performance of the investment portfolio could have a material adverse effect on the business, financial condition, results of operations and/or prospects of the Issuer.
  • Changes to the regulatory frameworks under which the Issuer operates or a breach of applicable regulations could damage the Issuer’s reputation and affect the Issuer’s compliance costs, returns and financial condition.
  • The level of repayments on the portfolio and consequently on the timing of the realisation of rolled up interest as well as delays in realising minority interests could have a negative impact on the investment capacity.
  • Operational risks may disrupt the Issuer’s business, result in losses or damage Issuer’s reputation.

Please make sure you read and fully understand the Information Memorandum before you decide to loan funds.

Martin Binks Company Chairman
Martin started his career in 1975 with the finance department of Ford Motor Company before moving to the Wellcome Foundation. In 1987 after Big Bang he moved to the City as Financial Controller of NatWest Stockbrokers. He was promoted to Finance Director in 1993, Deputy MD and then Managing Director in 2000. Since 2004 he has held a number of company directorships including that of board member and Compliance Director of an FCA Regulated securities company.


Martin Binks

Terence Mitchell Director
Terence has acted as an independent consultant to companies such as Viacom and was appointed by JP Morgan on behalf of one the largest global real estate funds to provide consultancy services. He has successfully been a private investor in several venture capital companies and assisted numerous companies in an array of industries, with fund raises and preparation for IPO's. A strong understanding of how global financial markets work he understands how to balance risk with return, supported by high quality asset allocation and in-depth research, well-resourced with sound investment strategies.

Terence Mitchell

Leonard Russell Non Executive Director
Leonard has over 40 years experience in the City with wide general management experience and significant success in the profitable development of a wide range of city and financial services operations with particular success in new ventures and turnaround situations. An Executive Director of NatWest Stockbrokers at the time of Big Bang, he has worked in a number of stockbroking roles responsible for trading, risk and compliance including start-up and turnaround situations and M&A transactions. Head of high net worth team responsible for risk, corporate and compliance of the team. Responsible for the handling of business from the Clearing Banks and Bank Trust Companies which required detailed knowledge of the Trustees Investment Act. Also designated lead agent for the South East in the first ever privatisation (BT). He is a Member of the Securities Institute. 

Leonard Russell

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Asset Life Plc ("AL") offer bonds with fixed interest rates. A detailed presentation of each bond offered can be found in the respective Information Memorandum, which has been approved for promotion for the purposes of section 21 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 ("FSMA"). This website is not intended to be a source of advice or credit analysis and the information contained herein does not constitute investment advice. Therefore, any decision in connection with funds, instruments or transactions described or mentioned within this website must be made solely on the information contained in the relevant Information Memorandum and no reliance should be placed on any other representations.

Lenders should note that repayment of the bonds offered by Asset Life Plc, and the payment of interest on the bonds, depends on the performance of the investments made by Asset Life Plc to various small and medium-sized enterprises. In the event that these borrowers default, lenders may lose some or all of their savings. Lending to the bonds of Asset Life Plc is therefore speculative and involves a degree of risk.

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